Wreckage: A Novel

At twenty-eight years old, Michelle Shepherd is a study in contrasts.

Half-indigenous, she knows nothing of her people. Raised in poverty by an expat Vietnam War vet and his buddies, she has brought herself to the brink of great professional success and has earned the means to live a more comfortable life but remains sequestered on the remote island cove where she has lived since childhood.

Forced to attend a glamourous literary event in Vancouver, Michelle is seduced by an actor who she does not realize is married. Ridden with guilt, she strikes up an unexpected friendship with his wife Celeste, an intriguing Chilean stage director. When that relationship, to the surprise of them both, becomes a romantic one, Michelle finds herself in a situation for which she has no experience and few skills.

A grisly discovery is made beneath Michelle’s house, an event which disrupts her intensely guarded privacy, revealing secrets she has hidden from her family and others she has hidden from herself. Her professional life is thrown into chaos, along with her tentative new romance. When Michelle’s elderly father is arrested for murder, she must make a difficult choice between truth or justice.

Rich and atmospheric, deeply rooted in the Pacific Northwest, Wreckage is the story of flawed family and finding connection, redemption, and love in the midst of things falling apart.91,000 words. Currently seeking representation.
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Kintsugi treats breakage and repair as part of the history of an object—part of its beauty—rather than something to hide.